Fact Sheet: African Mission Healthcare

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Who is African Mission Healthcare (AMH)?

  • A nonprofit organization based in Deland, Fla., that strengthens African mission hospitals to aid those in greatest need. 
  • AMH strategically partners with mission hospitals to support and advance their commitment to provide compassionate, quality medical care to Africa’s hurting and forgotten people, and to improve the health system in sub-Saharan Africa.
  • In 2010, medical missionary Dr. Jon Fielder co-founded AMH with former college roommate Mark Gerson, a Jewish entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist. AMH has 25 employees in the U.S. and Africa. For more information about AMH, please visit: www.africanmissionhealthcare.org.  

The Challenge: Africa suffers from 24 percent of the world’s diseases but possesses only 3 percent of the planet’s healthcare workers.

  • Hundreds of millions of Africans need routine medical care today: surgery, maternal care, HIV treatment, trauma care. 
  • The major barriers to Africans receiving treatment – too few health professionals, too little infrastructure, too few supplies.
  • Many African countries have one doctor for every 30,000-40,000 people. By comparison, according to 2016 data from Health System Tracker, the ratio of doctors per 1,000 people in the U.S. was 2.6.
  • Despite current progress, without rapid and aggressive efforts to increase the quantity and quality of healthcare in Africa, the number of people who will die or suffer from under-treatment will dramatically increase over the next several decades.

AMH Vision: AMH envisions an African continent filled with enduring and improving health systems where everyone has access to quality, compassionate healthcare. 

AMH: Solution: AMH believes that mission hospitals are a very important part of the solution in Africa.

  • African mission hospitals are well positioned to improve clinical health systems on the continent. 
  • These hospitals already provide one-third of the medical care in sub-Saharan Africa and are also training centers, producing qualified nurses, physician assistants and, increasingly, doctors and specialists. 
  • Mission hospitals have long, deep roots in the local communities they serve, having survived wars, famine, epidemics, and poverty—earning the trust of the people in those communities.

AMH Mission: AMH strengthens African mission hospitals to aid those in greatest need. 

  • Support for Christian medical missionaries and mission hospitals from traditional sources has been decreasing.  
  • These Christian missionary physicians commit their entire careers and even risk their lives to treat patients, train African colleagues, create systems and build institutions in very difficult conditions in sub-Saharan Africa.  
  • AMH believes that they provide an excellent foundation to build upon, and warrant more support and investment.  
  • AMH provides them with much-needed resources, enabling these missionary physicians, their African colleagues, and the mission hospitals they serve, to provide quality and compassionate care for the African poor.  

AMH Approach: AMH takes a proven approach that is effectively tailored to the African context. 

  • AMH believes that its approach is unique. It doesn’t offer a standard, easily repeatable solution; instead, AMH spends time and resources identifying what is truly needed from the bottom up. 
  • AMH invests with trusted hospital partners, measuring the return in lives saved and lives changed.
  • AMH carefully selects the hospitals with which it works, spends the time to understand and build relationships, and truly partner—not prescribing answers, but together developing solutions.  

AMH Senior Leadership:

  • Mark Gerson, Co-Founder & Chairman of the Board
  • Dr. Jon Fielder, CEO and board member
  • Scott Marcello, president.